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Email Marketing Ad Tips

  •  90% of Your Email Ad's Success is Directly Tied to Your Subject Heading!
    The very first thing your potential customer sees is your Email Subject Heading or "Headline".  We can't stress enough just how important this first impression is to your success.  Most people only read the subject line of their email to make a decision whether to read the email or to delete it. Use your imagination and make your Subject Heading interesting and unique and very attention getting.  You MUST make the email recipient curious enough to click and read your email ad, or it will be deleted and never read!  Remember, use your imagination and creativity!  Which of the two following email subject headlines would you be more curious about and therefore more likely to click on and open to read, "We Sell Vitamins" or "Double Your Energy & Performance Levels in 72 Hours!!!" ?  To help out with this situation and for optimal response to your ads, our professional ad copy writers will develop creative variations of your Subject Heading for some of the mailings at no charge.

  • Shorter is Better!  Unlike other kinds of sales writing where long copy outsells short copy, the standard for email is different.   Keep it simple.  Make it easy to scan and read and remember, the entire point of the ad is to get the prospect to either click a link to your website for more information, or contact you by email, phone or fax to order.  Keep your sentences and paragraphs short!

  •  Deliver Your Most Important Information First!  Key benefits and sales points must be communicated in the first screen people read.

  • Write Like You Talk!.  Use contractions and plain, straight-to-the-point wording.  Write your ad as if you were telling a friend about something that you are really excited about.

  • Eliminate Excess Wording!  A strong email ad flows easily from point to point, while at the same time presents only the most important information.

  • Make the Contact Information Predominant and Easy to Find!  Once again, remember, the entire point of the ad is to get the prospect to either click a link to your website for more information, or contact you by email, phone or fax to order. *Please Double-Check Your Ad For Errors and to Ensure All Information is Correct!


All of our Targeted Email Ad Campaigns are Certified Safe and 100% SPAM FREE.





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